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Welcome! Here's the Who, What, Where, and Why of AI Time to Impact

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to introduce you to our newsletter, AI Time to Impact.

Who: This newsletter is for anyone using or creating Artificial Intelligence. That’s who it’s for, from a reader’s perspective.

When I look over our list of subscribers, I see people who work at companies including: Microsoft, NVIDIA, Amazon, Google, Dropbox, Docker, Twillio, Shopify, Apple, Adobe, Intel, Dell, SAP, HPE, IBM, UiPath, Honeycomb, Akamai, Smartsheet, Comcast, Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, Harley Davidson, EY, PWC, CapGemini, Genpact, Deloitte, Cognizant, Shutterfly, ServiceNow, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil, Naver, Norwest Venture Partners, Madrona Venture Partners, Headline, US Bank, Citi, Progressive, Voya Financial, ESRI, Conair, Carrier, MIT Sloan, HackerOne, Forrester Research, Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, GovTech Singapore, the World Health Organization, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and more! THANKS!

About me: It’s written and edited by Marshall Kirkpatrick. I’ve been a tech journalist and entrepreneur for almost two decades now. Back in 2006, I was the first writer hired at TechCrunch. When I was in the news breaking business, I broke hundreds of news stories and was quoted in the NYT, WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, UN and many more. Then I built and sold a startup of my own (Little Bird, acq by Sprinklr) and worked in that capacity with many of the largest and most interesting organizations in the world (from Walmart to The Nation) from 2011-2021. Now I’m building an awesome data journalism project, this newsletter being the first manifestation, with a great team I’ll share more about soon.

What: AI Time to Impact is a daily summary of the most significant stories in the AI world, according to a weighted analysis of AI community engagement from a wide variety of data sources. It’s a curated source of quick overviews of new tech you can use, learn from, get involved with, and/or be inspired by.

Where: You can subscribe for free by email, on LinkedIn, or on X.

When: 5 days a week, I usually get it published by 5 or 6pm PST.

Why: Why write (or read) a daily newsletter summarizing the top stories in AI? Because this stuff is amazing, frightening, fascinating, useful, inspiring, important, overwhelming, and more! Read an issue or two with that in mind and I hope you’ll want to keep coming back. At the bottom of this page I’ve shared a few screenshots of readers explaining why they read AI Time to Impact.

How: I’ve been building news discovery systems for a long time and the most powerful one yet is behind this newsletter. As I have in the past, I may share some details about how it works in the future - but not until my team has a good running head start.

Thanks for joining us! I hope you’ll find it extremely valuable.

-Marshall Kirkpatrick, Editor

Carter is right, what are you waiting for? You can subscribe here. Thanks!

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