. . AI: AI Safety Initiatives and Autonomous Robots! (4.26.24)

Tau Robotics, DHS

In today's top story, we see a Skynet-esque juxtaposition as AI safety and security are put in the spotlight at a time when we also see ever-increasing capabilities from robotics. Short but very sweet today!

And since it's Friday, we like to share the most-clicked links of the past week. This week the links you clicked the most are: LangChain's 20 minute YouTube video Reliable, fully local RAG agents with LLaMA3, Lucid dreaming company Prophetic's big strategy piece on AI and the future of consciousness, and Matt Shumer's tweet about Groq serving up Llama 3 at an amazing 800 tokens per second.

Ok, more AI news coming next week - including some news about this newsletter.

-Marshall Kirkpatrick, Editor

First impacted: Tech leaders, CEOs of major tech companies
Time to impact: Short

The Department of Homeland Security has established the AI Safety and Security Board, with members including the CEOs of OpenAI, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Alphabet. The board, part of a government initiative to safeguard the economy and public health from AI-related threats, has announced its initial 22 members, sparking discussion about potential conflicts of interest. [wsj.com] Share this story by email

First impacted: Robotics Engineers, AI Researchers

Tau Robotics is developing a general AI for robots, beginning with self-operating robot arms that learn from real-world scenarios, according to Alexander Koch, founder of the company. The project, which Koch says will cost approximately $1400 for the hardware, is seen as an example of the possibilities of cost-effective hardware and intelligent robot brains. Highly recommend you check out the video! (Though a cynic might have a certain guess which of these two arms are autonomous and which two are not.) [via @alexkoch_ai] Share this story by email

That’s it! More AI news coming on Monday.