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  • . . AI: Big Model Releases from Google and (Potentially) OpenAI (5.8.24)

. . AI: Big Model Releases from Google and (Potentially) OpenAI (5.8.24)

GPT2, "GPT4.5", DeepMind, AlphaFold 3, Tesla

Today's edition covers news over the last four days, and they were certainly a busy four days! Google has released a new version of what was arguably the biggest development in drug research this century (AlphaFold V3). A mysterious model, claiming to be based on GPT-4.5 architecture, is making the rounds by creating video games from just a few images and prompts. We played around with the new model and can confirm it is quite impressive, especially its reasoning ability. It is also rumored that OpenAI is preparing to launch a new search product any day now. We've also distilled the most interesting headlines in case you missed them. Enjoy!

— Sasha

First impacted: biomedical researchers, pharmaceutical scientists

Google DeepMind has launched AlphaFold 3, an AI model that predicts the structures and interactions of a broad spectrum of biomolecules. This new model extends to proteins, DNA, RNA, and ligands, and is available for non-commercial use through the newly launched AlphaFold Server, enhancing global scientific research and drug discovery. [AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules] Share this story by email

First impacted: game developers, AI researchers

A user on X has created a Flappy Bird game clone using a straightforward prompt on the mysterious GPT2 model in the Lymsys chatbot arena. Despite the lack of detailed public technical specifications, the model claims that it is based on GPT-4.5. [via @minchoi] Share this story by email

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