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  • . . AI: Rephrasing questions, Chatting with your files, and predicting the weather (11.14.23)

. . AI: Rephrasing questions, Chatting with your files, and predicting the weather (11.14.23)

 Friends, I don't mean to start out by talking about the weather, but there is a pretty notable AI news story in meteorology today!  The other stories here feel directly useful, literally or methodologically, and that's pretty exciting.  Except for the last story, which is about Meta complaining about ChatGPT – I don't really want to talk about it, but other people are. 

These are 5 stories rising to the top of the AI conversation today.

-Marshall Kirkpatrick, Editor

DeepMind's GraphCast AI Outperforms Traditional Weather Forecasting

First impacted: Meteorologists, Weather Forecasters
Time to impact: Short

Researchers at Google DeepMind have created a new AI model for weather prediction called GraphCast. They say it can provide highly accurate 10-day weather forecasts in less than a minute, outperforming the industry's top model, the High Resolution Forecast (HRES). GraphCast, now available for worldwide use, has shown it can predict severe weather events sooner than older models. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is already using GraphCast and conducting live tests on its website. [GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather forecasting] Share by email

Llama-rephraser Team Claims GPT-4 Performance With Much Smaller Model

First impacted: AI researchers, AI developers
Time to impact: Medium

A team of academics called the Large Model Systems Organization says it has matched GPT-4 performance on key benchmarks using their much smaller 13B models, simply by rephrasing the test questions and allowing their LLM to generalize with more than one example! Essentially saying "could you say that in a different way" seems like a pretty legit method to me! [Catch me if you can! How to beat GPT-4 with a 13B model | LMSYS Org] Share by email

LlamaIndex Launches Command Line App to Chat With Your Files

First impacted: Software Developers, Data Scientists
Time to impact: Short to medium

LlamaIndex has introduced a new command-line tool called create-llama. The tool creates a comprehensive app that lets users load, index, and chat with their data using GPT-4 or other LLMs. "Chat with your data in just a seconds," the company says. [create-llama, a command line tool to generate LlamaIndex apps] Share by email

Universal Navigation System GOAT Achieves 83% Robot Success Rate

First impacted: Explorers, Search and Rescue Teams
Time to impact: Short to medium

Researchers created a universal navigation system called GOAT (GO to Any Thing). They say it can find any object in unknown areas using perception, memory, and policy. After testing in nine new homes, the system reportedly had an 83% success rate finding objects in novel environments. [GO to Any Thing (GOAT)] Share by email

What Meta Learned from Galactica, the Doomed Model Launched Two Weeks Before ChatGPT

First impacted: Scientists, General Public
Time to impact: Medium

Venturebeat has published a retrospective of Meta's AI model, Galactica, which was trained on 48 million scientific papers but was taken down after three days because of backlash against its hallucinations. Two weeks later ChatGPT launched and now Meta leaders appear to be voicing regret for their framing of the Galactica launch and their response to the backlash. [What Meta learned from Galactica, the doomed model launched two weeks before ChatGPT] Share by email

That’s it! More AI news tomorrow!