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  • . . AI: Antibiotics, translation, state of AI 2023 and more (12.21.23)

. . AI: Antibiotics, translation, state of AI 2023 and more (12.21.23)

Team, a new class of antibiotics, near-real time language translation, and much more. It's another day of big AI news.

I also want to highlight a very thought-provoking episode of the Amplifying Cognition podcast published today, with the famous thinker Dave Snowden. I’ve been meaning to wrap my head around Snowden’s work for years and this is a great opportunity to start doing that.

Here's today's top AI news, according to our weighted analysis of AI community engagement. Thanks for sharing it with your friends and welcome to those just joining us.

First impacted: Pharmaceutical researchers, Healthcare professionals
Time to impact:

Researchers have utilized a graph deep learning model to explore a database of compounds, leading to the discovery of a new antibiotic capable of combating MRSA, a frequently lethal bacteria, without causing toxicity, according to a study published in Nature. Erik Brynjolfsson shared the news, saying "AI is (finally!) beginning to deliver on its promise."

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First impacted: AI researchers, Multilingual communication users
Time to impact:

Meta has launched a suite of AI translation models, called Seamless, which includes models like SeamlessExpressive and SeamlessStreaming. The company says the model provides translations with approximately two-seconds of latency and accuracy comparable to an offline model. They say it supports automatic speech recognition and speech-to-text translation for almost 100 languages; it strives to maintain the nuances of speech such as pauses and speech rate, along with vocal style and emotional tone.

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First impacted: Business owners, Cloud platform developers
Time to impact:

How can we incorporate GenAI into our product? What reference architectures should we be following? What models are best for our use case? What is the technology stack we should be using? How can we test our LLM applications?' "These are all questions that companies are asking themselves. In a time of such uncertainty, everyone also wants to know what everyone else is doing. There have been a few attempts to shed light on this so far, but with LangChain's unique position in ecosystem we feel like we can shed real light into how teams are actually building with LLMs."

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First impacted: Project Managers, Team Leaders
Time to impact:

Sam Altman, in an already popular new blog post titled "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me," offers a range of advice: he emphasized the importance of optimism, obsession, self-belief, and personal connections in the early stages of project management, and the necessity of team unity, a balance of calm and urgency, and a strong commitment to completion in the later stages. He highlighted the power of incentives, the need for concentrated resources, the value of clear communication, the potential of high-achieving individuals, and the magic of compounding exponentials, suggesting a potential for efficiency and simplicity in processes. That's a dense summary of it!

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First impacted: Animators, Digital Content Creators
Time to impact:

A technique known as Align Your Gaussians (AYG) is reported to have achieved top results in generating dynamic 4D scenes from text, using moving 3D Gaussians and deformation fields for 4D representation. The examples on the NVIDIA research page are pretty cool, and it's easy to imagine this kind of technology just continuing to improve.

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That’s it! More AI news tomorrow!