These are today's top 4 stories on AI

Eco impact, Hugging Face milestone, ToolLLM for APIs, Google Duet AI

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And now, here are the 4 stories that got the most engagement in AI today, Tuesday. I know I’ll be pondering the synthesis of all four of them together.



Turns out there’s another problem with AI – its environmental toll
The Guardian ran an article today on AI's environmental impact, due to its energy-intensive GPUs, akin to cryptocurrency mining. Despite attempts to measure this impact, firms are reluctant to reveal their energy use. The article cites a remarkable Gartner claim: that without major changes, AI's energy consumption could surpass the energy consumption of the human workforce by 2025. [Turns out there’s another problem with AI – its environmental toll]

Hugging Face Hits 1 Million AI Repos
Omar Sanseviero of Hugging Face reported a substantial rise in models, datasets, and spaces on Hugging Face since January 3rd. The number of AI models have doubled 510,000, datasets quadrupled to 230,000, and spaces increased from 39,000 to 220,000. [via @osanseviero]

ToolLLM: Facilitating LLMs to Master 16000+ Real-world APIs
Open-source LLMs struggle with complex tasks like using external tools or APIs. To solve this, researchers developed ToolLLM, a framework to improve LLMs' tool-use abilities, and ToolBench, an instruction-tuning dataset created with ChatGPT and 16,000+ real-world APIs. ToolEval, an automatic evaluator, shows ToolLLM can execute complex instructions and adapt to unfamiliar APIs. [ToolLLM: Facilitating Large Language Models to Master 16000+ Real-world APIs]  

Google Cloud Team Shares Screenshot Previews of Duet AI
Google Cloud introduced Duet AI, a generative AI tool suite for Google Cloud, two months ago. It's Google's competitor against Microsoft Copilot. Today evangelist Richard Seroter posted 6 screenshots of his favorite parts of the product: IDE-based code assistance, source material recitation-checking, and AI-guided chat. Currently in preview, the company says Duet AI is set to be generally available later this year. [via @rseroter]

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